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Prayer is our link to Almighty God.

It is a vital way that we can communicate with our Creator and a way in which He can communicate with us.
Lord, Hear our Prayers: For Peace, Healing, Comfort, and Strength Where Needed.

In mourning

Callender Family

Blaine Family


Ongoing Prayers

Janet Reed

Lena Tietjen


Dottie Mills

Dan Houser

Milton Grant

Jean Padden

Tammy Ericson

Scott Karsner

Mary Clark

Bonnie’s Family

Dorothy Slater

Blanche Lashley

Amanda Grace

Lina Orfanos


Ryan Meyer

Brooke Margaret & Family

Matt Pacione

David Slater


Those affected by  Natural Disasters

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Wildfires, Volcanoes


Those affected by Violence

Shootings, Bombings, Attacks

If you'd like to receive prayer requests via text so that you can pray for those who need it, please visit
If you have a prayer request, please email us or leave a comment below and we will add it to our list.  If you'd like your prayer request to be anonymous (first name only) or for the pastor only, please make that known.
> Add your prayer request here.
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