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SUMC has gone green!

Seaville UMC partners with the Upper Twp. Green Team and the Cape May County MUA in an effort to educate our community about the importance of environmental sustainability and the dangers of climate change.  We do this in several different ways and believe that caring for creation is an act of worship.


Community Garden


Our community garden is cared for by the SUMC Family and community members.  The children of the church, in particular, take a leading role in preparing the soil, planting the seeds, and harvesting the crops.  We care for our garden in an organic manner, using natural pesticides and fertilizer instead of chemicals.  We offer the food we grow to those in our community.  Each Tuesday the church opens a food pantry to the public - anyone who is in need of food is welcome to come between the hours of 10:00am - 2:00pm.

We welcome any help from the community in our gardening efforts.  If you would like to participate in this outreach, please contact us.


Eco Treks


Living in a coastal community, we are surrounded by water - the Atlantic Ocean, the back bays, and all the wetlands in between, not to mention our own stream and pond.  Our faith is tied to water, just as our community is tied to water.  Humanity is destroying this living water by polluting it with trash, specifically plastic and styrofoam.  During the spring, summer, and fall months, SUMC goes out into the community to clean our waterways and help protect all of the living things that depend on it.  With each tide, new trash is brought in.  We act as the hands and feet of Jesus as we attempt to cleanse God's creation.

Our eco treks are open to the public and will be advertised on our Facebook page.


Recycle Walks


33 million tons of plastic is discarded every year in the United States – but only 3 million tons is successfully recycled.  That’s only 9%.  Worldwide 90.5% of the estimated amount of plastic waste ever made has never been recycled.  A lot of people think that plastic eventually is biodegradable.  But that is not the case.  Plastic does break down, but it never goes away.  It breaks into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually turning into what could be described as a plastic dust, or microplastics. And when these micrplastics are ingested by marine life, it effects our entire food chain.

SUMC partners with the MUA of Cape May County to sponsor recycle walks along the beach in the summer.  We talk to beachgoers in an effort to educate and spread awareness of the importance of correct recycling.  We also hand out reusable shopping bags and recycle bags.  We hope you'll join us - our recycle walks will be advertised on our Facebook page.

In addition to our hands-on ministry, Seaville UMC has made a commitment to cut down our use of single use plastic.  We do not allow disposable plastic water bottles on our property and do not use straws at any of our events, including those that take place at different establishments in the community.

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