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Welcome to the Church by the Pond, where we are the Splash, the Ripple, and the Wave of God's love!

We are the splash that attracts the attention of the community through our ministry. This splash turns into a ripple as more people become involved in caring for all of God’s creation. The gathered community grows into a wave as together, we become the hands and feet of Jesus to impact the world. We are the splash, the ripple, and the wave. #BeTheSplash

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We worship God in many different ways and in many different spaces (under normal, non-pandemic circumstances).


Each Sunday, we offer in-person worship in our sanctuary.  These services include liturgy, Scripture reading, hymns, and a sermon and take place at 9:00am.

​We also offer experiential worship, where all are invited to be in relationship with God in an non-traditional manner.  In this way, we praise and worship God with all of our senses.  These kind of experiences generally takes place outside and are focused on our mission of creation care.  These seasonal (and weather permitting) services include gardening, recycle walks, kayaking, eco treks, nature exploration, and outside prayer.  Experiential worship will be advertised on our website and social media accounts.

COVID-19 Updates

IN PERSON WORSHIP is now being offered each Sunday.

Masks are now optional for those who have been vaccinated.

Hand sanitizer will be provided and we ask that you sanitize your hands before finding your seat.

Our services are also streamed to Facebook.

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